Why Buy a Mystery Box?

You get a great number of random items at a very small price. You can keep for yourself, give as a gift or you can always resell it. Items are in good condition and can be sold immediately. Mystery Boxes are a mix of returns, general merchandise, warehouse damage and more.


Whats in the Box $59.00

We Guarantee worth over $125. or more

TikTok Famous Mystery Box $13.00

Offer no Guarantees – But worth a look. Wrap them up as presents or present as a white elephant gift


We Guarantee worth over $500. or more


We Guarantee worth over $2,500. or more

Why Buy a Pallet?

Factory Sealed BIG BOX STORE Pallets

Great Profit Margins for resellers. If you are an Online Seller, Flea Marketer, or Small Retailer, you could get lucky and one item can pay for the whole box or you could get many items that gain your profit easily. As a Side note ….. Shsss, it could be an item that we never offered to the public.

Are available at various prices starting at $1,399.00 per pallet from Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and More

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